In Marta’s hands, being a candidate is sheer pleasure. She can handle every question, she knows the context, she’s good at showing consequences, and the most important thing is, she knows how to calm everybody down and reach the goal, i.e. signing the contract. She honestly pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses for both parties – that’s important. And last but not least, she’s an amazing life psychologist.


Marketing Director, Nowa Era Publishing House,
formerly Marketing Director in Harvard Business Review

Marta Wiechowska has got an exceptional combination of market knowledge, leading the recruitment process in a very professional manner and  building business and professional relationships with great ease, making the client feel comfortable during the process and satisfied with career decisions based on fundamentals. You are comfortable during the cooperation feeling that you are well looked after not just before and during the recruitment process but also after it has been completed.


General Director, Aldentro
formerly the longstanding
Director of The Advertising and Sponsoring Department at TVP

I’ve worked with Marta on several projects, always as a candidate. I must admit these were the best processes I have participated in for a long time. Very good, close relations, mutual trust, quick and straightforward feedback made it all go smoothly and to the point. Marta always kept her word and kept me updated on progress on each project.


VP Finance & Operations, Eurozet, formerly CFO International, Allegro

I have worked with Marta both as a candidate and as a client. I felt well looked after and I knew I could ask her anytime for expert advice or support. Working on recruitment projects with her I always felt that the market was very well researched and that the candidates she presented were all meeting my expectations.


Research Manager HBO,
formerly Research Manager Discovery Networks International

I’ve known Marta for many years. We had the pleasure of working together a couple of times. The girl is passionate about her work. That’s the best recommendation.


CEO Media Impact Polska

Marta has an amazing grasp of the media and advertising industry, and at the same time she fully understands its specifics. These two combined give that highly-qualified head-hunter a unique skill set.


Managing Director & Founder, Mediafarm,
formerly CEO ProxyAd SA

A professional, engaged and expert headhunter. Always full of positive energy. For her there is no such thing as no way out. Definitely proactive.


VP, Board Member K2 Internet, CEO K2 Media,
formerly a Board Member of Starcom


Marta is an exceptional person. First of all, she knows the media and its specifics. Hence, she can work effectively with the most egocentric, neurotic and moody professional bunch borne by modern culture. In addition, she has the gift of paying attention to those details that in the end turn out to be crucial aspects of the entire employment planning process. The fact that Marta helped me to find several outstanding specialists is not a surprise – with her you cannot find any different. 🙂 For me the most important thing is that she prepared me to take on the highest position in my career so far.


Chief Information Officer at GEOPOLITICAL INFORMATION SERVICE AG, formerly CEO Sanoma Media Praha, Publishing Director and Publisher at G+J

I’ve worked with Marta several times. She has a great grasp of the media, she knows practically everybody in the industry, she knows who they are, what skills they have, what their style is and whether they are a fit or not. Marta is a great listener, hence she can easily find a match for our expectations and needs. Working with Marta is sheer pleasure.


Board Member, Program and Promotion Director, Agora Radio Group

‘Don’t start without an end in mind’ is a valuable advice from my career  coach, Marta Wiechowska. She sets the directions of my development, clarifies goals. Process is always smooth and effective. I only wish that everybody could experience such professional cooperation.


Vice Managing & Innovation Director at Carat, Dentsu Aegis Network,
formerly Marketing and New Media Director at Presspublica,
Digital & New Media Viacom

I’ve been cooperating with Marta for several years now, whilst working with various corporates I took advantage of her professional experience to find talent for my team. My expectations were always met 100%. Marta has thorough knowledge of the industries she works with, and the people in the market. She knows the needs of particular companies she works with intuitively, and her recommendations are always spot on.



Advertising and Sponsoring Department Director at TVP
formerly Advertising Department Director in the Bauer Group

Marta’s knowledge of the media market is exceptional. She will not only find the best expert with the required set of skills, but the one who also is the best fit for the team and for the company culture. ATTENTION! Hiring an important employee without Marta means taking many unnecessary risks! 🙂


President, Agora SA

Marta is full of energy, inspiring, dynamic, optimistic, and a very strong personality who will very gently and persistently pursue your goals. Her great knowledge of the media industry means she can effectively and honestly match Resources to Organization for the long term. I would like to thank you for that, Marta. I sincerely recommend Marta as a reliable business partner.


HR Business Partner at Discovery Communications

Always kind and smiling and perfectly prepared, fully professional and  with great ‘feel’ for the market. Her advice and support helped me through a long and difficult recruitment process, and I found my spot in a great company.


Managing Director IMD Poland

I highly rate Marta Wiechowska’s competence and our cooperation. I don’t know whether there is another equally good executive search specialist in the media industry. And if there is, I haven’t heard about them! Marta is very professional and perceptive partner. I highly recommend her.


Business Development Director / Creative Producer, Platige Image

I had the pleasure of working with Marta several times. Every time I felt I was talking to a true professional, reliable, responsible and keeping deadlines. I am under great impression of her knowledge of the media and advertising industries.


VP Sales Strategy at Grupa Wirtualna Polska,
formerly Board Member Onet Group


I worked with Marta Wiechowska in a huge rebranding and content shift project of the Wprost magazine. It required replacing key people responsible for editorial boards, marketing and sales. The cooperation went smoothly. I especially would like to acknowledge Marta for her personal engagement and identification with the project I led. Thanks to Marta’s broad knowledge of the media world I could comfortably choose from the best possible people and at the same time get to know more about the industry and its talents.


Former President of Wprost, present CEO of P&P Sp. z o.o.

I’ve been working with Marta Wiechowska for many years now, on recruitment projects for key positions. With her help I have recruited several sales, new media, e-commerce and marketing directors. The process always went smoothly, professionally and – most importantly – quickly. Great knowledge of the market, people and specifics of the industry are surely the success factors in the projects she conducted for me.


Managing Director Eastern Europe, Member of the Board at Sony Music Entertainment, formerly Board Member/Sales Presspublica, Viacom, Bauer Group

I’ve known Marta for many years now. In the media, she’s like a duck in water. We work together in many areas. Marta always delivers a perfect match. She presents candidates that meet my expectations. She’s always honest. She doesn’t embellish anything. It’s a great value.


Chief Operating Officer at Publicis Poland

I’ve worked with Marta Wiechowska many times, and every time it was simply a pleasure. Her professionalism, individual approach to clients, intuition, the ease with which she establishes interpersonal relations and matches the offers, are all admirable and commendable.



Ex Sales Director Gaga, Activist, Exklusiv, Custom publishing /Valkea Media. She’s done a total turnabout and fulfilled her biggest dream 🙂 She lives abroad, designs, sews and develops in the fashion industry.


Marta offers a perfect combination of market knowledge and intuition. She’s always totally committed to the project, and her understanding of the client’s needs is spot on. She identifies with the company she’s working for as if she were its HR director. She’s professional, trustworthy and objective in her opinions. Her commitment makes the other party feel exceptional. I had the pleasure of working with her, both as a candidate and a client. In both cases, I felt as though I was in good hands.


ex. Brand Managing Director at EUROZET

Marta – committed, and always prepared, has an ease for establishing longstanding business relations. She’s very well informed about the media world.


Director Disneymedia+, The Walt Disney Company

I started working with Marta in 2012 on a project that meant big changes in the company I was working for. Marta turned out to be communicative, trustworthy and flexible, and most importantly, she proved to have a splendid knowledge of the media market (priceless). From the first meeting I knew I had come to the right place. It’s a great feeling when you suddenly meet somebody who can help solve your problems. Then you know everything is going in the right direction. To top it all, Marta is very natural and open, so makes it both professional and pleasant to work with her. It’s been a great pleasure for me.


Group CFO at Atmedia, formerly CFO, Media 5


With her personality and professionalism, Marta attracts only good people. She guarantees perfect customer care on both sides – employers looking for good people and candidates looking for new professional challenges.


Managing Director, At Media Group

I’ve known Marta for many years now. She knows what the media is all about. She’s sensitive to its nuances, knows many people from practically all nooks and crannies of the market, and knows the differences between the players. Apart from purely technical matters, I appreciate her for being able to see the big picture. She’s got very good intuition when it comes to people and she can quickly assess whether they are a match to an organization or not.


Managing Director A+E Networks, formerly Deputy President, Managing
Director, Viacom International Media Networks

Working with Marta during my recruitment process was smooth and successful. Because of the circumstances, the recruitment was quite complicated, but Marta’s professionalism and quick action minimized all inconveniences and steered the project to success. The quality and regularity of the information she gave me on the status of the recruitment process was something that I remember best. She gave me regular updates and I always knew what was going on in the process and I appreciated her individual approach to me.


Channel Director Discovery Networks International

Marta offers what is most important in working with people – and while being focused on the goal, she can still be empathetic, sensitive and tactful, and get things done. She knows her part in the project and she never tries to change it. I appreciate her experience and knowledge of the media market. If you want things to be nice and professional, contact Marta.


Business Trainer/HR Consultant at STREFA ROZWOJU, formerly HR at Viacom, TVN, Tele 5, TV Puls

Marta knows the industry very well and I could always trust her experience and professional touch, we have been working together for a long time. She is well organised, independent and at the same time very open and direct. Entirely professional, I can’t recommend her well enough.


Ad Sales Development CEEMEA/
Discovery Networks CEEMEA