It is difficult to imagine today media without Internet. The Internet determines the media’s form, enables quick contact and has become the basic broadcasting and sales channel. Digital Media is interactive media, present not just as independent companies, but accompanying almost all traditional media. Real-time relations are key leading to optimization and business reactions.
Working in online media is primarily for those open to create innovative solutions, not only in technology. There is a demand for specialists who can combine the old with the new, employees who can use existing resources, from both inside and outside, to restructure the existing or build new departments from scratch and create new sources of revenue.
Employers are looking for talent in product development, content, Internet marketing and Internet product sales.

We recruit in the following areas:

  • Board
  • E-commerce
  • Performance (Social Media, Affiliates, Email, Display, SEM/SEO)
  • DOOH
  • Programmatic /RTB
  • Business Intelligence, Big Data
  • VOD, Mobile
  • Finance, Administration, HR