Board Executive Search

The recruitment process for the top executive positions is usually a confidential one, requiring head-hunters to handle with care, confidentiality and insider knowledge of the industry. The strength of MEDIASEARCH is our reliable and extensive knowledge of the industry, its intricacies and market connections. Our knowledge of the individual motivations of the senior candidates for the top managerial positions and reliable evaluation of their potential ensure exceptional level of service for our Clients.

Direct Search

Direct Search is a recruitment service consisting in directly reaching managers with proven experience in a given specialization, all while maintaining complete confidentiality. Our extensive network of contacts allows us to quickly reach those selected.

Individual evaluation

Individual evaluation consists in assessing the competencies and knowledge of a selected candidate, and determining his/her career motivation and incentives for career change. At the request of the Client, the assessment can also include a psychological test or reference check. This service is complete on the day the Client receives a written assessment report on the candidate.

Reference checks

Reference checks is a service consisting in gathering the references for a candidate specified by the Client. This is done informally using the Media Search market network of contacts. This service is fully confidential and frequently used by Clients who wish to remain anonymous, while still getting reliable, independent information.

Career coaching

Career coaching is a service for individuals feeling the need of a career change and wanting to prepare for it well. Sessions are led by an experienced consultant who by sharing their knowledge and expertise helps the individual to become fully aware of their professional potential and job market prospects. The individual learns the exact development steps needed to effortlessly secure a dream job offer in the near future.