Competitive market, fighting for the consumer and changing media industry are all a cause of changes within marketing departments. Advertisers are more often taking advantage of employing people from media houses, creative agencies and advertising production. And the requirements for people managing advertising budgets have also changed – today, it’s not enough to know the product, understand the market, be commercial, have market research and high communication skills. Today it is technology, optimisation and process that counts. Marketing performance measurement and audience targeting mean better service at lower costs.
Such digital process management competence and skills are sought after by many large corporations and success oriented businesses.
Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the media industry, we can source for the advertisers’ marketing departments, acquiring talent in the following areas:

  • E-commerce Director, Digital & Media E-commerce Manager, B2B , B2C E-commerce Manager, Product Development
  • Digital Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Media Director
  • Programmatic Buying Director,
  • Creative Director
  • Production Department Director
  • HR/Finances/Administration